Throughout my academic and professional career, I have studied the distribution of social and physical phenomena across space and time. My fascination with the spatial distribution of crime began with neighborhoods and has proceeded down the geographic cone of resolution to street blocks and addresses. My research interests were also shaped by my work experience which exposed me to a variety of interesting research areas and led to my involvement in "action" research. This is not to say that my research always has an applied bent. Rather, even in testing difficult theoretical propositions, I have practical application in the back of my mind.

To capture my principal research interest simply: I am interested in the broad question of why crime happens were it does. I emphasize four specific areas. One area involves the relationship between place and crime. Another explores human spatio-temporal behavior and the role of the urban backcloth in shaping it. A third area focuses on policing in general but particularly emphasizes crime prevention strategies and the role of technology in police organizations and in practice. A fourth area involves the development and application of innovative methodologies using geographic information systems, agent-based simulation models, and randomized experiments.

Place and Crime



Modeling Human Activity








Innovative Methodologies